Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Can't It Do?

I warned you I love talking about hair.

The other day I managed to work up the motivation to actually wash my dirty hair (thanks dry, curly locks for repelling naturals oils with alarming efficiency!) and as I approached the narrow window of blow dry time in which my hair is not so wet as to begin to frizz, yet not so dry as to produce the classic white trash crunchy curl, I realized the diffuser had come off the hairdryer. This was a problem as it somehow takes alarming feats of strength to attach the diffuser to the unit itself- a task I typically reserve for Husband, whose bulging (yes, I know...eww) muscles far surpass my own feeble sinews.

I must diffuse! But husband was not home. A problem emerges. I had already cut my finger and broken into an embarrassingly rapid sweat trying to jam the diffuser onto the end of the hairdryer, and the best I got was one side firmly attached while the other side swung lamely away from the nozzle. What's a girl to do?

Problem solved.


Husband was reading over my shoulder while I was typing this post, and just went into the bathroom, removed the duct tape from my hairdryer and in one fluid motion firmly attached the diffuser to the nozzle. I...uh...loosened it up for him.  


ottmama said...

Hey! I'm visiting from your dooce post. Welcome to a fellow newbie.

2 things:
(1) my sister lives outside of Stuttgart so I think I know your neighbor. Have you been to Tubingen yet? Fantastic market! Wednesdays, I believe.

(2) Can we talk about the time my father in law saw the diffuser attachment in the bedroom we were staying in at his house. Didn't know what it was. Simply said "I'm not sure what I just saw or what you two are into"

Still makes me laugh. And so does your post. I look forward to following you!

Ange said...

I'm blowdrier handicapped. Currently it takes me over an hour to round brush my hair. So I don't and it looks horribly stringy.

I'd like to learn how to "do" my hair before my 30th birthday.

Allie said...

@ottmama- Well, small world huh! Tubingen was actually one of our first stops...for the CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL. Ahhhh, that was a good day. Priceless about your FIL- I hope you just mumbled your apologies and looked away in shame.

Ange- When you learn how to "do" your hair, please post a video. I'm still waiting for someone to teach me. Thankfully the only skill required for difussing curls is the ability to hold the hairdryer upright and pointed at your head. The thought of a round brush gives me hives.

Canis Majoris said...

Well, you know...you only need two things when things don't work. WD40 and Duct Tape...it if doesn't move and it's supposed to: WD40. If it moves and it's not supposed to: Duct tape.

My diffuser is a PAIN to attach also.

Allie said...

@Canis- Truer words have never been spoken. My grandpa loved WD40 so much that one time around Sunday dinner he (presumably mistakenly...but you never know!) asked someone to pass it to him for his steak. Maybe it was tough? Thanks for reading!