Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Party On, Excellent.

Well, that was fun!

Cologne was a BLAST for Karneval! We got to dress up and drink beer and act like fools and dance poorly to the multitude of drumming groups littered throughout the city. Which was totally cool because Germans typically don't dance, so we were the life of the party. Good thing we were in disguise. 

I was a cop.
This guy was a gnome. 

On Day Two I was a cowgirl with large faux freckles.
The fun never stops. Never. 

That's all I've got for now. We are still recouping, but more to come later! I'm sure you can barely stand the wait.

1 comment:

Ange said...

You're adorable!

And more proof that yes, leggings CAN be worn as pants (you may have missed this hilarious thread when you were gone) http://community.dooce.com/health-beauty/true-or-false-leggings-can-be-pants