Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Civil Blood and Civil Hands

Too much to say.

Mmmm...Strudel. Guten strudel.

So I won't say much at all. Howsabout a little photo montage instead. Here's how I've been spending my blogless days:

Husband and I took a mini-vacation over Memorial Day to Verona, Italy- home of everyone's favorite tragic lovebirds, Romeo and Juliet. The six-hour drive was totally (hair flip) worth it as we had to pass straight through the Austrian Alps to get to Italy. Husband practically wrecked the car when we crossed the German/Austrian border and out of nowhere (seriously, nowhere) an entire mountain range popped up.

Here are some crappy moving-car picture of what we saw:
See how the road curves- yeah, before that curve there were no mountains.

Suddenly, MOUNTAINS!

The whole place was just teaming with mountains.
So we get to Verona, and it is just perfect. Perfect weather, perfect hotel, perfect mix of things to do and food to eat and stuff to see given the amount of time we were there. I even made Husband slow down and relax and breathe and chill and all those other calming actions that he has to be forced at wife-point to do. The man was born to tourist himself into a whirling cloud of sensible footware, discount admission deals and sightseeing efficiency. But not in fair Verona...not this scene.

Speaking of scenes...

On Juliet's actual balcony, looking for that damn Romeo. He's run off again.

A beautiful day in Verona.

And then, the unexpected. Tragedy struck. Husband and I decided to end our beautiful day with some ice cream at a famous and wildly popular ice cream shop...
...and it was AWFUL!
Please excuse how absolutely frightening I look in this picture- not my finest moment. Anyway, I never thought I'd see the day that I throw away an ice cream cone. I wasn't raised like that.

We saw some creepy art...

Creepy Jesus.
Creepy Creepster. Sorry.

And most importantly, we had some wine. 

Please pretend I have on makeup and my hair is clean.