Friday, March 11, 2011

Bad Hausfrau

This week I've learned it's very easy to keep the kitchen clean if you don't cook.

I've been a bad, bad hausfrau this week and have not cooked a single meal. That is, unless I slip into culinary delusion and in my fevered state begin to consider emptying the contents of Tuna Helper into a skillet and stirring occasionally as "cooking." I did have to measure water and milk- does that count? We've had a bit of an off week, gastronomically speaking, after our weekend of Fattening Fasching, and conserving our calories for an enormous Greek Meat Extravangaza (read: Going Away Party for one of Husbands coworkers at a Greek restaurant) last night. Lamb (!) and Chicken (!) and Beef (!), oh my! Seriously, the meal was 85% grilled meat, which, while delicious, was consumed in such quantaties that it prevented Husband and I from falling asleep until the wee small hours of the morning. I may not need anymore protein in my diet until Thanksgiving.
Digestion's a bitch.

So, Allie in an Apron is just not meant to be this week unless anyone is interested in a detailed rundown of the finer points of Campbell's soup and frozen pizza. No? Really? Hard to believe. Maybe I'll make up for it next week. Maybe. I did buy a metric ton of fresh vegetables at the store yesterday in hopes that their mere presence in our house will somehow contribute to our nutritional deficiencies. Is a zucchni still healthy if you cook it with cheese and breadcrumbs? I'm going for "yes" on this one.

Now, where can I find an intravenous Tums drip?


Ange said...

We went to a brazillian restaurant and all they feed you is meat. It was insane. I had a meat hangover for a few days, but it was SOOOO good too.

Allie said...

Oooh, meat hangover. That's definitely what it was! Husband and I were referring to our "meat sweats" last night, but that seemed a little to graphic for the blog. Heh. But so true.

Halee said...

Hey Allison! Hope all is well. I have just given you a Stylish Blogger Award - check my blog to see what you have to do!

Have a good week....I know I could use a purple cow right about now!

Allie said...

Ooooh! I want that! :) Thanks Halee!

Ashley said...

I want a purple cow too! And "meat sweats" made me laugh uncontrollably. I hope this post was helpful.