Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tin Man Talking

Alright German apartment, you win. For now.

Hand me a white flag, I'm through fighting the closetless void. For now, I'm going to embrace her disorganized depths by refusing to unpack another box until there is a vessel or receptacle or container or drawer or shelf in which or on which to put all the STUFF and JUNK we have. The only other option is to take everything out of the boxes and then stack all of it against the wall...on the the spare room.

I did a little neighborhood exploration today with Good Friend Julia and her dog that can miraculously poop more than her body weight, and had a great time chatting and not picking up canine crap. Thank YOU Germany for having lots of wooded areas where dogs can unleash boundless amounts of excrement with abandon. It was truly wonderful to have someone to talk to (especially someone as interesting and thoughtful as GFJ), as I found that the last few days I barely made use of my vocal cords. I'm surprised I didn't need some kind of saltwater gargle or WD40 to get things going- I was that out of practice. Oil Can.

On a totally different topic (SUBTLE TRANSITION), I've been totally wifey lately with meal time, though we have a frusteratingly diverse but not so "fully stocked" pantry. Lots of chicken, but nothing to cook it with! Boxes and boxes of Mac N Cheese but no diverse protein! A thousand cans of cream of mushroom soup but not a potato in sight to make a savory winter soup! I can't wait (yes, life is exciting around here) to go to the American grocery store on base this weekend and stock up on Things That Make a Meal Complete, so I can dominate the whole "Get in the kitchen, woman" thing.

Relatedly, German grocery stores suck.

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