Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Closetless Void

Well, that was fun.

Sorry for my blogging absence (as though a week of neglected posting on a sparsely read blog affects anyone's life but my own) but all my time has been consumed with the Great Move of 2011. We finally found a place to live in an area called Sindelfingen, home to one of the better sushi restaurants in the greater Stuttgart area, and are now cozily settling in with our new pets (read: cardboard boxes). Unpacking has been a challenge due to the widely held German belief that homes should never have closets of any kind, so we don't really have anywhere to put our massive quantities of Things and Stuff once we take them out of the box. This has spurred some frusteration and right now I'm at a vengeful stalemate with the apartment and our houshold goods. Since I have a brain and nervous system and motor skills, I'm sure I will eventually come out victorious, but for the moment the apartment and I are locked in mortal hand-to-hand combat.

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Ashley said...

Well if you don't have access to closets at least you have access to raw fish. Ahh always a silver lining.