Saturday, January 8, 2011

NYE: P&P: Part Zwei

Are you adequately suspensed?

So, New Years Eve...that's what we were taking about, right? We left off with Husband nodding off in the lounge of a fancy Amsterdam...y? Amsterdamish? Amsterdamed?...hotel, and after he wiped the drool from his chin and we all mustered up the energy to stand upright at the ungodly late hour of 11 pm, our little troupe of celebratory hopefuls marched over to a free party in the museum district. I wasn't sure what to expect from the festivities, but it certainly wasn't an American 80's cover concert held on  a patch of land toggling unstably between a sodden grassy field and an oversized ice rink with hundreds (maybe thousands? I'm no good at estimation. Could have been about 50, actually.) of revelers shooting off fireworks and throwing lighted spinners at each other. In an odd moment of serenity amongst the excitement someone set off a paper balloon powered by a candle at the base, which caught the attention of practically everyone there, creating the eiriest of pauses as we watched it float through the backdrop of fireworks.

And the fireworks! The FIREWORKS! They started as soon as the sun went down and did not end until well after we had boarded the train to head back to our hotel around 2 am. While there didn't seem to be one definitive set that was better than the rest, the constant cracking and booming followed by bursts of light in all directions was overwhelming. As was the cloud of smoke they produced, which eventually became so thick it was like walking through a cloud.

So that was NYE. And in the spirit of the 80's music playing, it was totally awesome. Dude.

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