Tuesday, January 4, 2011


How do you solve a problem like a NYE post?

After the lovely maintenance men at our hotel gracefully retrieved our car key from the bowels of the elevator shaft, husband and I (and shortly after, our good friend LiLo) officially commenced on NYE 2010: Pot and Prostitutes (aka Amsterdam). Now the problem is, how do I, a lowly and unpracticed blogger, even begin to scratch the surface on such a delightful trip? Perhaps the surface should include a disclaimer stating that neither I, nor Husband, nor Good Friend LiLo partook of any pot or prostitutes, nor did we engage in any salacious, lewd, lascivious, sordid or otherwise unsavory dealings of any kind in the notoriously sinful city.

But we did do a lot of touring! And eating! And had great deals of merriment! And writing about it is proving to be frustratingly difficult as there is just so much to say. We had an appropriately somber time touring the Anne Frank house (can you call that kind of event fun without...I don't know...committing half a sin or something? If so, then it was fun. If not, then forget I said anything.), and learned about Amsterdam's long history of "Don't ask don't tell" when it comes to illegal matters of all kinds. We celebrated New Years Eve with a few rounds of my travel Trivial Pursuit game and learned amazing facts, like the postal abbreviation MI stand for the state of Miami and if you touch your philtrum too much with dirty Amsterdam tourist fingers then you will surely break out, while sipping fancy hot chocolates at an equally fancy hotel where we warmed our frozen toes and had to jostle Husband out of near slumber several times.

Somewhat relatedly, when did we all turn 150 years old? Was it not just 5 1/2 years ago when midnight was but a halfway marker between dinner and bedtime, and admitting fatigue before 3:00 am was a sign of weakness? Oh how quickly things change.

And how time flies! I'm afraid this one will have to be a cliffhanger, but tune in next time for the trilling conclusion of NYE: P&P.

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