Friday, December 17, 2010

Snowflakes in Stuttgart and Frostbite on Faces...

I did not come to Germany appropriately dressed.

I should say, being from Indiana and experiencing the worst snowfall in DC history last year, you would think I would be better prepared for a German winter. Nope! I have learned nothing. It snows here as often as the wind blows and these crazy Germans seem practically impervious to the bone chilling cold and freezing rain. The other day I counted 8 individual souls of what must be questionable mental health riding BICYCLES in the snow. On the road. With traffic. At night. Half of them weren't even wearing gloves. I catch a chill just thinking about it.  

I must be of less hearty stock than I originally thought as I must pile layer upon layer just to walk 15 minutes to catch the bus. Two pairs of socks, leggings under jeans, camisole, long t-shirt, turtleneck, scarf, gloves, hat, jacket. All completely necessary. And I'll pass by Germans on my same route with nothing but a light sweater and a decorative scarf. Where do these people come from???? Well, Germany I guess.

It's been fun living in a place where people walk around a lot though, regardless of the near constant threat of hypothermia. Husband and I have braved the cold every weekend to go to outdoor Christmas Markets and festivals and such, and while our little toesies and noseies practically shatter with frostbite, the experience has been pretty cool so far. Almost worth it! We are headed on a day trip with the USO tomorrow to visit Prague, and the high temperature is expected to be a balmy 18 degrees. That's Fahrenheit people. Lets hope they have hot chocolate.

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