Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guten tag, Guten Strudel!

I got married a month ago. Three weeks ago my husband and I moved to Germany. So....that was fun. No stress there! Since we are both highly organized and efficient Type A personalities, we were totally prepared for not just the wedding but also the move, and felt completely in control of all of our circumstances.

Bah. Hahahaha.

Edit: By the Grace of God we survived without going or getting mad, and are now working on starting our lives (for the next few years) in beautiful (read: cold) Deutschland. Lets see if I can't do a proper job of chronicling these exciting times. Guten Strudel!


Holly said...

Yeah!! Love the blog!!

Allie said...

Danke! Danke! I'm so glad someone is reading it!